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What is "Copy" Anyway?

"Copy" is written with the intention to persuade readers to take direct action (think ads, emails, websites, sales letters, landing pages, social media posts, product descriptions, etc).

Skilled copywriting coaxes readers to engage with your brand, subscribe to your email list, and the big one... buy your product.

Copywriting takes serious market research skills, a grasp on the psychology of behavior (and how to influence it), and creativity.

Ok... Then What is "Content"?

"Content" is written with the intention to entertain or inform readers (think blogs, articles, case studies, white papers, ebooks, etc).

Engaging content encourages readers to envision your brand as a thought leader and authority within your industry.

Content writing takes skilled conversational writing abilities as well as a knack for research, analysis, and detail.

Flowers and sky
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So...Do I Need Both?

Ideally, yes!

Both copy and content hold SERIOUS value...but... if you don't have solid copy, it's not gonna matter how entertaining or informative your content is - people just won't see the benefit of buying your product. So they won't feel compelled to.

That's why effective copywriting is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

And that's why copywriting is my favorite (but I do also offer content writing services - don't worry)!

Hi! I'm Bre.

I use my background in sociology and my passion for veganism to write for vegan businesses!

I know how to write to a vegan audience because I'm part of the vegan audience:

I'm very particular about the brands I choose to support. I know exactly what vegan consumers are looking for, and I know exactly what turns them off.

I know how to get inside your customers' heads. I know how to sell to them.

Copy That Sells Does Three Things Very Well:

1.) Reflects an empathetic understanding of the target audience's challenges/concerns

2.) Provides the target audience with a unique and appealing solution to their challenges/concerns (your product - and why it's beneficial/different)

3.) Strategically persuades the reader to want to take a specific action (buy your product, subscribe to your email list, engage with your brand)

These are three things I have an unshakable grasp on.

And three things I can’t wait to help your vegan business benefit from — through my copywriting.

My Copywriting Will:

  • enhance your brand's messaging
  • grow your audience
  • boost engagement
  • increase sales

If all of that sounds good to you...

...Then let's do this dang thing, already!

Contact me today to schedule your free 30-minute consultation to get the ball rolling!

A Little More About Me:

  • My mom and I are vegan besties
  • I have a dog named Peanut and a cat named Pippin (...named after Peregrin Took from The Lord of the Rings, obviously)
  • I love biking my rage out
  • I kinda can't sleep without nature music/sounds playing... y'know, like rain ASMR or whatever
  • I put garlic powder and hot sauce on almost everything

...There. You already know me on a very intimate level.

You're welcome.

If you want to improve your vegan brand's messaging, boost your visibility and popularity, generate more leads, and exponentially increase your sales, you need a copywriter on board.

And if you really want results, you need a copywriter with a passion for your industry.

Lucky for you, that's where I come in.

How I Can Help Your Vegan Business:

Copy That Converts Visitors Into Customers

I write copy that persuades readers to engage with your brand on social media, subscribe to your email list, and buy your vegan product.

Copywriting Services:




Sales Letters

Landing Pages

Product Descriptions

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Flowers and sky

Content That Captivates

I mostly write copy, but I do offer content writing services, too. I write content that entertains and informs readers, encouraging them to view your brand as an authority within your vegan niche. I also utilize search engine optimization (SEO) practices that rank your content higher on Google.

Content Writing Services:



Case Studies

White Papers

Need something for your vegan business that isn't listed here?!

Reach out!

We might just be able to work something out (prices of all services vary)!

The Process of Working With Me

1.) You'll fill out my contact form

And I’ll email you within 2 business days to schedule our first call!

2.) We'll have a ✨discovery call✨

In order for me to get a basic understanding of your business, challenges, goals, budget, the scope of work I’d be doing for you, and the timelines to complete that work, we’ll discuss everything over a Zoom call, which will last about 30 minutes. If we’re a good fit to collaborate, we’ll move on to the next step of my onboarding process!

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Flowers and sky

3.) You'll receive a follow-up email from me

Including everything we covered in the discovery call, any additional suggestions from me, as well as a request that you send over a detailed project scope (more on this in a sec).

4.) You'll send over a project scope

Which is simply a detailed list of all the deliverables you need, and when you need them by. Establishing complete clarity on the scope of a project and understanding each deliverable is critical to determining pricing, timeline, and expectations. This way, we can both refer back to your detailed list of deliverables at any time for clarification. Along with the Project Scope, you can include any links to relevant examples that are similar to what I’ll be creating (to give me a rough idea of the length and format).

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6.) I'll write your copy and/or content!

Wow, seven steps, and here we are. The thing you hired me for! Look at us — doing things. This is the phase where I’ll actually write and revise your copy and/or content for your approval. Each deliverable has two rounds of revisions included. Once everything’s been edited and optimized, I’ll send it over along with an invoice for the remaining 50% of your payment. And just like that, we did the dang thing. You’re now ready to launch my words into the world!

I’ll use your project scope to compose an official proposal and contract. The proposal will include an overview of your company’s needs and how I will address them, a complete list of deliverables (as previously established), and a quote for my services. The contract will be a separate document detailing the terms of our collaboration. In order for us to move forward, both the proposal and contract will need to be signed by you (through PandaDoc). Once those babies are signed, sealed, delivered, and you’ve paid a 50% deposit… we’re officially in business!

5.) I'll send over a project proposal and contract

6.) We'll have a branding session

We’re officially working together now! And our first task that’ll launch me into full research/writing mode will be a branding session. First, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire about your brand and product/service. You’ll fill it out and send it back, along with any relevant data/market research that’ll help me fully “get” your brand identity and core offer to consumers. I’ll look over everything you’ve sent, and within 2 business days, we’ll hop on a ✨branding call✨ — where we can really hone in on your tone, messaging, personality, vision, goals, and what makes your brand different. Once everything is crystal clear, I’ll be set. Off I’ll go… into the land of writing!

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Client Testimonials

"Bre's work is beyond impressive! Her writing & professionalism exceeds the market status quo. She is timely, communicative, and brilliantly talented as she was able to translate important information in a way that fit my company's brand and voice. More than recommend & look forward to future projects with Bre!"

Kati Cornelius

Founder & Owner of Peace of Cake Kitchen

Portfolio Sample

{click the underlined title of the sample to view it}

Sales letter distributed to local restaurant owners pitching a partnership with Peace of Cake Kitchen — a local gourmet bakery and food prep business with many vegan options. The partnership would allow restaurants to sell Peace of Cake Kitchen desserts on their menus — benefitting them greatly.

A new home page to establish Maxine's Heavenly as a more obviously vegan brand (since prior messaging was unclear), thus appealing to its vegan audience more effectively. I also added a few sections to ease the customer’s purchasing process. One section serves to clearly list all annual and seasonal product listings (so customers can see exactly what and when to buy), and the other section serves to clearly list packaging options with detailed quantity listings (so customers can see exactly how many cookies they will get when they buy). Done on spec.

Promotional email sent to Mad Hippie subscribers showcasing an exclusive and discounted Mother's Day gift bag, as well as all other current discounted skincare items. I utilized a sense of urgency to prompt subscribers to grab the deal while supplies last, and to treat all the mothers in their lives with a vegan and cruelty-free beauty gift. Done on spec.

Landing page aimed towards boosting Pacifica’s engagement on social media, thus broadening their audience. The landing page directs readers to interact with the brand on Instagram by entering a vegan, cruelty-free skincare and makeup giveaway. Done on spec.

Sales letter sent to local office managers promoting Boston Organics' Corporate Program which delivers organic, locally grown produce - as well as organic snacks and beverages - to corporate offices in the area at an affordable price. Done on spec.


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